Is Argan Oil Good for Skin? the Ultimate Answer

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The world of beauty products is complex and seemingly endless. Indeed, there are millions of different beauty products that are available all throughout the world. It goes without saying that not all of these products are able to provide the user with the results that they claim are able to give. However, along with these … Read more

Top 3 Argan Oil Treatments

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Argan oil is one of the most popular oils on the market right now. The reason why argan oil has gained in popularity so much is likely due to the effectiveness that it brings to the personal care market. The fact is, argan oil treatments are one of the healthiest and most effective treatments on the … Read more

How to Choose the Best Shampoo with Argan Oil?

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Argan oil or Moroccan oil, as it is sometimes called, is derived from the fruit of Argania Spinosa tree. For cosmetic purposes, the oil is extracted from the kernels of the fruit manually. It is essential to cold press the kernels to ensure that the nutrients present in the argan oil are not destroyed. On the other hand, argan … Read more

Can Argan Oil Be Used to Reduce Wrinkles

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The usage of argan oil for cosmetic purposes has increased in popularity; so much so that Morocco, the premier producer of argan oil plans to increase its output from 25,000 tons to 40,000 tons. The popularity rise that argan oil has experienced, is as a result of the rave reviews from ardent user of the oil. Argan oil has … Read more

Ways to Use Pure Nature Argan Oil

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In the world of cosmetics, people are always looking for something that can help them look better. Whether this is cosmetics such as makeup, foundation, mascara, or things that they used to take care of themselves like shampoo and conditioner, new ingredients are implemented every day in order to get the desired results. One of the most popular … Read more

Argan Oil and Its Role In Cooking

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FROM MOROCCO TO UNITED STATES Argan oil is an amazing oil. It has so many uses, from cosmetic to culinary. In Morocco, argan oil is used for just about everything. You can find it in restaurants, health spas, bathroom counters and beauty stores. Here in the US argan oil is not quite so ubiquitous, but its popularity … Read more

What to Look for when You Buy Argan Oil

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These days, more and more women are taking advantage of the tremendous benefits of argan oil. This simple, natural oil has a lot of incredible beauty boosting properties. It can make blemishes fade, make wrinkles disappear, and can even give you shinier, healthier hair. However, like with all popular products, you’ll need to be cautious when you buy … Read more

Argan Oil for Keratosis Pilaris: Amazing Benefits

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One of the main benefits of Argan oil is that it can be used to treat keratosis Pilaris. This skin condition is incredibly common and quite harmless, but it can also be embarrassing for sufferers. Keratosis pilaris causes your skin to become rough and bumpy, so it feels like it is permanently covered in goose pimples. WHAT IS … Read more

How to Use Argan Oil for Eyes: Benefits & Additives to Avoid

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The market offers a wide array of skin care products made from pure and natural argan oil. There are products for hair treatment and repair. and products with additional ingredients that come in either shampoo or conditioner. In addition, there are day and night creams for the face, hands, nails and your entire skin. There are also products made with argan oil for eyes. Extracted … Read more

How to Find Organic Argan Oil

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Cold pressed organic Argan oil takes a great deal of time and effort to produce; however, the end result is worth it. The best cold pressed oil is pressed by hand to get the richest and most nourishing and purest oil. Heat extracted oil is adulterated by the process and loses some of its potency. In this … Read more

What Is the Best Cheap Argan Oil Product on the Market?

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As a highly touted “miracle” product, Argan oil is finding its way onto the market in just about every other product these days. It is becoming increasingly difficult to choose the right one. A lot of companies, particularly those online, are doing their best to cash in on the craze for the least amount of actual Argan … Read more

Benefits Of Argan Oil

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Argan oil has a variety of benefits for your hair, face, and skin and general.. If you have been looking for an all in one substance that can help bring out your natural beauty, then look no further. Argan oil is here to help you feel a variety of health benefits. Read through the contents of this article … Read more

Tell by the Smell: Is Your Argan Oil Authentic?

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WHERE THE REAL ARGAN OIL COME FROM? Argan oil is an amazing silky oil that comes from Morocco. This oil can be used for just about everything, from softening your skin to softening your hair. Authentic argan oil is made from the Argan nut which can only be found in Southwestern Morocco. Unfortunately, since the oil has … Read more

Choose Argan Oil for Baby and the Entire Family for Nappy Rash and Overall Personal Care

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When it comes to personal care, most products for adults and children are filled with undesirable ingredients. One are that has concerned many busy parents is the amount of chemically laden products recommended for use on infants. A look at most infant care labels verifies that these products that are supposed to be mild and gentle are … Read more

Is Argan Oil for Wavy Hair a Good Option?

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Is argan oil good for hair that is wavy? It is assumed that this oil is excellent for different types of hair including wavy hair because the oil contains large amounts of Vitamin E and fatty acids such as Omega 3 and Omega 9. These fatty acids work wonders to repair hair follicles that are damaged by absorbing … Read more

Not Only for Dry Skin: Argan Oil for Oily Skin Too

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People are touting argan oil so much that it is even now showing up in numerous skin and hair care products from various trusted retailers. As people learn more and more about this oil, they are realizing exactly what it can do for a person’s hair and skin. When looking to purchase argan oil though, you need to realize … Read more