Is Argan Oil for Dandruff Good?

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Every now and again a new discovery takes the beauty world by storm. A few years ago peptides became the must have ingredient, and although these are still included in many products today, the beauty industry marketers tend not to mention them anymore.

Who ever knew what they actually were anyway? Unless you had an education in science, then peptides were just a word that meant nothing, yet many people trusted the industry that this new ingredient would work wonders on their hair and skin.


argan oil

Recently, we have had something else that is trending, and that is called argan oil. Now, unlike peptides, which were a scientific discovery in the lab during research and development within the beauty industry, argan oil has been known about for a long time. In fact, it has been used for centuries, but its health properties have only recently become mainstream.


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Argan oil originates in Morocco, and comes from crushing the kernel from the argan trees, which grow wild, although due to demand of this oil, it is now also cultivated. It can be used both as an ingredient in beauty products, or it can be used for cooking, or added directly to food. It has a distinctive taste and smell. Many people in Morocco have been using this oil to drip on salads and pasta, and also as a dip for bread and seafood.


the process of making argan

The argan trees produce a small fruit which contains around three kernels. The thick flesh around the fruit is removed, and the kernels are then removed. Although the world is full of automation, this process is still done by hand.

If the oil is for consumption, then each kernel is then roasted, and then they are pressed in order to remove the oil from them. The roasting process is missed out if the oil is to be used in beauty products.It is a time consuming and labor intensive process. On the positive side, due to the worldwide demand for this product, it keeps many local people in employment.

Once the oil has been extracted, it is then allowed to settle for a couple of weeks, and then the sediment is removed. Pure argan oil will still contain some sediment, although some of the beauty product manufacturers now filter it to purify further.


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argan oil

One of the main products that the oil is utilized in are moisturizers. The oil is very good at helping the skin maintain moisture, and it leaves little residue on the skin.

One particular class of people it has proved to be a great help with are those who suffer from acne. Argan oil tends to help calm the skin, and this helps reduce the area affected by acne.

For those people who keep up with the media, whether by watching the news or reading papers, then they will likely know that this oil has proved a big hit in the hairdressing industry. This is because the oil is very good at keeping moisture in the hair, helping to maintain its color longer, and gives it a wonderful shine.


Close up of dandruff

A common question asked is is argan oil good for dandruff? As you read earlier, it is good for the skin, and the scalp is skin. Dandruff is caused by by the skin cells on the scalp drying out. They then come off in flakes, and this gives dandruff the appearance of small snowflakes.

By rubbing argan oil into the scalp, it helps the skin cells maintain water, and the result is that dandruff will lessen. Although not a miracle cure, some people can see great results.To get the very best out of argan oil when using it for hair, it is important to use it only two to three times per week.

If it is being used to help reduce dandruff, then on the days that it is not used, a decent anti-dandruff shampoo should be used. Argan oil now appears in many beauty products, and it is worth giving some of them ago, and then compare the results with the products usually used. If it does not work, then you have nothing to lose apart from a little money, if it does work, then you have a new beauty product.

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