12 Scientifically Proven Argan Oil Benefits for Skin and Hair

It seems that every few months or so, some new miracle ingredient in the cosmetic industry comes out as the next big thing. Because of this Argan Oil is no exception. As you probably know, this oil is extracted from Morocco’s Argan tree.

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Extracts from a fruit in this tree is being used to manufacture facial masks, shampoos, and even body butter. Argan oil is said to offer great benefits to skin and hair. The benefits have been proven scientifically. It has been proven that Argan oil does not only have vitamin E and Vitamin A; but they do also offer antioxidants, Linoleic acid, and Omega 6 fatty acids.

According to research, its shows that when it has been applied to the skin, it helps in inflammation during moisturizing it. The vitamin E aids in boosting cell production and promoting healthy hair and skin if applied externally. For this reason, many cosmetic companies use it as an ingredient in their manufacturing processes.

However, you can opt to buy pure 100% Argan oil by itself to enhance beauty. The only limitation is that purchasing pure Argan oil is very expensive. Did you know just two or three drops of this oil will nourish your skin and hair the whole day? Well, the question is; what other scientifically proven benefits does the oil offer?



Dr. Josh Axe

According to Dr. Josh Axe, who is an expert health, nutrition, and exercise physician, stated the oil offers a lot of benefits. Below are 12 benefits that have been proven scientifically.


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It is absorbed very quickly by the skin, and it does not leave any oil residue on top of the skin. This is one of its greatest properties. For this reason, you will not find any oily substances on the pillow cases or bed sheets.

After you have cleansed your skin with an all-natural cleanser, use a single drop of this oil onto your palm and rub it to warm. Apply it in a circular motion to your neck and face. Winter and dry seasons, the air is dry due to the reduction of moisture.

During these months, you may need a second drop to apply on other areas of the body. However, it is important to remember to use sparingly. The oil is gentle and safe to apply around the eyes. In other words, apply one drop of the oil on the face, from the bridge of the nose to the temple. Use another drop to apply beneath the eyes with the same gentle tapping. Its vitamin E and vitamin A can really help in wrinkle reduction and keep the area of application moisturized.


face massage with argan oil

One of the most important things in skin care routines is skin toning. For an allover skin glow, you may decide to make your own chemical free all natural skin toning oil at home. Better yet, you may decide to use 2 to 4 drops of the oil in an 8 ounce of your favorite skin toner. To make a good all natural skin toning product at home, you should, power one hot boiling water over a green tea bag and let it steep for 7 to 10 minutes.

Then remove the tea bag and allow the solution to cool to room temperature. Add a drop or two drops of your important oils such as lemon, orange, and others. Then use 4 drops of Argan oil in the solution and then seal in the jar. Use this solution every day in the morning and night after cleansing and before moisturizing.


face with ACNE

Acne is one of the most common skin diseases and according to research; it shows that many people in America get this condition more often. However, great news to people suffering from acne is that there is a treatment available for this condition. Moreover, its treatments are readily available to you. However, did you know that Argan oil has been scientifically proven to reduce sebum levels in individuals with oily skin?

Because of this; this oil has not only been proven to reduce acne conditions but also plays a very big role when it comes to treatment, due to its high linoleic acid content properties. The linoleic acid does not only help with acne, but also bug bites, infections, and rashes.

It does also help in healing damaged skin cells. Chemical treatment can be quite expensive in the long run during treatment.

Moreover, in the long run, they are known to cause a lot of problems to the skin than good. For this reason, there is no reason why you should use Argan oil as a way to prevent acne.


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Well, making exfoliates at home is not difficult at all. Moreover, they making them at home makes it very affordable compared to purchasing them in stores. Another great benefit is that by adding Argan oil, you will get all the anti-aging effects as well. This is a benefit you will not get in many purchased exfoliating products on the market. To make your own homemade exfoliate solution, you will have to mix one tablespoon of brown sugar with a couple of drops of Argan oil.

In your hands and rub it onto your face. Rob the solution in a circular motion for about 4 minutes. Pay attention to areas prone to acne and areas that are dry. To complete the process, rinse the applied area with warm water and dry it. You may use this exfoliate for more than just your face. If you have dry elbows and heels, the solution can also help.



Argan is one of the best solutions for stretch marks. The oil is known to prevent stretch marks by improving the elasticity of the skin. To do it, you have to warm at least 2 drops of pure Argan oil in the palm of the hand and gently apply it around the stomach, hips, thighs and any other potential areas known to stretch due to body changes.

Its vitamin E and Vitamin A properties help in skin rejuvenating while at the same time moisturizing it. This makes stretch marks less likely to appear. Moreover, you already have stretch marks; the oil can also help you as well.

All you have to do is gently apply to the areas with stretch marks with brown sugar mixed together with Argan oil onto the affected areas before you take a bath every day. Make sure you have washed and rinsed the areas very well with water and apply oil to the affected areas before dressing.


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Razor bumps and burns are very common to people who shave regularly. These burns and bumps are very uncomfortable. However, did you know that Argan oil is an effective soothe and heal for men after shaving and for women after shaving their legs and bikini line? Well, it is a great oil to apply after shaving. To do this, you have to warm a drop or two drops of oil in your hands and gently apply it onto the affected area. The healing power of this oil will take effect.


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The amazing thing about this product is that it acts as the best body moisturizer not only to the face but the whole body as well. “this oil offers a lot of benefits than coconut oil”, Dr. Alex Says.

This is because coconut oil moisturizers have to be refined and to do this, some chemicals have to be applied. However, when it comes to Argan oil, it is pure and the process of making it does not need any additional chemicals. All that is needed is a crashing and then press them together to squeeze out the oil from the fruit.


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As you know, Argan plays a very big role not only to the skin but also to the hair. It is a great product for your hair. Argan oil aid in protecting against heat caused by flat irons, curlers and hair dryers. It does also help in promoting body, and a healthy shine. Because of these reasons, it will not make your bed covers dirty. Unlike many hair products, one is required to wear something to protect the bed covers from oil after application.

One does not have to wear these protective devices after application of Argan oil when going to bed. Research has also shown that Argan oil promotes hair growth and prevent dry scalp. As you know, dry scalp is the biggest cause of scratching and scalp discomfort. This is mostly because of heat available in between the hair. Three drops is enough to apply on to your scalp to prevent drying.



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The oil is beneficial to lips. If you are looking for ways to make the lips soft and moisturized, Argan oil is the best solution for you. By using just a drop of this oil, you can apply it to your lips and wipe away any excesses.

Applying oil to the lips does not only help in healing cracked lips but also keep them soft, smooth and moisturized. It is advisable to keep the oil around you during winter and dry seasons.


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Cuticles are a problem to many people. Because of this, many people seek the services of pedicures and manicures to help keep the nails nice clean and free from dryness. Yet again, there are many products on the market that claim to offer the best nail treatment. However, the truth of the matter is that Argan oil is also a great product that helps the nails. This is because it is a non-greasy moisturizer which is ideal for treating cuticles and nails.

To help treat the nails, you must first remove nail polish from toenails and fingernails and then rinse properly. Use drops directly onto each figure and rub it into the nail bed and cuticles. Continuously continue to do this until the nails have been treated.


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If you have dry, brittle hair, it is advisable to consider an overnight deep conditioning treatment with Argan oil at least once every week. This treatment ensures your overall skin health benefits.



The result of walking around with either high hilled shoe is dry heels and feet. This is where the heels and feet feel like stones when touched.

They become hard and dry; mostly this leads to cracking. Argan oil plays a very big role in moisturizing the area and preventing cracking.

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