Get Original Shiny Hair Color with Argan Oil

Many women are constantly looking for new ways that they can get their hair color looking shiny and beautiful while also improving on the overall strength and health of it.


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Today, a lot of people are buzzing about argan oil, also known as Moroccan oil, to help them get the results that they are looking for. It does not matter if you are someone who is dealing with dull and lifeless hair color or a head of hair that has been damaged as a result of too much processing. whether you have black, blond, brown, gray, or even red and white color, argan oil can do amazing magic for your hair.

Quality argan oil can work to restore the life of your hair while giving you amazing manageability. Argan oil when used as a hair treatment will help to fight against frizz, corrects split ends, soothes the skin on the scalp and even gives the hair color an incredible amount of luster and shine. As a matter of fact, you are going to find that this is an oil that is great for just about any type of hair issue, even those that are the most delicate in nature.

With regular use, argan oil treatments will also leave the hair a lot healthier, more manageable and a lot softer. All you have to do is look into some of the products that are available on the market today, learn how to use the treatments in your hair & hair color and you are going to have amazing results.



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There are all sorts of conditioning properties and benefits to be found in argan oil, all of which work to polish as well as nourish the hair. The right formula is going to be able to caress your hair from root to tip, making it so that it is stronger, more hydrated and a lot shinier.

The best part about these hair oil treatments is that they are 100% natural, so that you never have to worry that you are introducing a lot of chemicals into your hair that can damage it over time.


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Depending on the type of argan oil treatment that you buy, you will find that the application is usually rather simple and will be similar from product to product. This is a treatment that you can use before you shampoo your hair or you can put it in your hair at night to leave in as a deep treating process. However, it is important that you never use too much oil on your hair as you are going to run the risk of weighing the hair down or even leaving it so that it has a bit of a greasy texture to it.

To start, you only need to put a small amount of the oil into the palm of your hand, about 5 or 6 drops normally does the trick. Then, you simply work the argan oil into the scalp. You can then take a few more drops and work it into the base of your hair, making sure to massage the oil into the hair all the way down the shaft to the tips. If you happen to have thick hair or longer hair, you may find that it will take a few more applications to get your hair fully covered with a light amount of oil all the way through.

You can leave the argan oil on your hair for about an hour prior to shampooing it and then you can simply use your regular shampoo to cleanse thoroughly.

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Some women say that they do not need to use their regular conditioner right after shampooing the argan oil out, while others with more damage will still apply a small amount of conditioner. Depending on the current state of your hair, you can also put another application on just after washing, right before you blow dry your hair, this will be very helpful for a great hair color too.

This is just an added step that can add to the softness, work as a bit of leave in conditioner and also help to protect your hair from the heat as you are blow drying. An overnight treatment can be done simply by applying to your hair as described for the shampooing method, but just leaving it in while you sleep. To help protect your pillow, simply wrap your head in a towel or cover your pillow with a towel. The end result will be soft, shiny hair color once you shampoo it in the morning.

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