How Much Argan Oil Is Actually IN Moroccan Oil


There are many different products in the world today that can be used to improve your appearance. Whether you are trying to find a way to reduce the signs of aging such as lines that have appeared on your face.

Furthermore, you are trying to improve the condition of your hair, you will be able to do all of this, and much more, once you start using a product called Argan oil. This article will address what Argan oil can do for you, and exactly how much Argan oil is contained within authentic Moroccan oil, sold directly from its place of origin.


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Although you have probably seen this product sold in most markets across the nation in one form or another, usually some type of cosmetic or shampoo, Argan oil originates from the country of Morocco, the northeastern part of Africa, and has been growing there for thousands of years.

The Argan fruit was originally processed by the natives after allowing goats to climb into the trees who would eat the fruit, and would extract the pit of the fruit from the feces of the goat, allowing them to get to the kernels inside.Inside of the Argan fruit seed there are two or three kernels, from which the Argan oil is extracted.

This is a long laborious project that would take weeks when done by hand, including breaking open the seeds, allowing the kernels to dry, and then using the roasted seeds for culinary purposes and the unroasted seeds for cosmetic purposes.

Today, Argan oil is sold virtually all over the world as both cooking oil, and most prominently as a cosmetic oil that is known for its rejuvenating properties in regard to helping people restore their skin, their hair, and also helping internally by reducing high levels of LDL cholesterol helping people to improve their chances of avoiding cardiovascular problems later in life.


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When you go online, you will often find quite a few nationally known companies that are incorporating Argan oil into the cosmetics that they sell. The amount of oil will depend upon the price of the product in that the more oil that is used, the higher the price that the product will be sold at, and the more helpful it will be in restoring either your hair or your skin.

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Culinary products tend to use this oil for cooking purposes, having a very nutty flavor which is favorable for cooking some meals and bread. However, many people wonder exactly how much oil is in authentic Moroccan oil when you purchase this on the web.


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There is actually a difference between Argan oil and Moroccan oil. Argan oil is technically named Argania Spinosa, derived from the actual kernels of the Argan fruit pits themselves.

Moroccan oil is a combination of many different ingredients that work together in order to act as a hydrating mask for your face, and also to rejuvenate your hair. It includes many different components including Linseed extract, Cyclomethicone, and Dimethicone, a product that is a type of silicone that is designed to act as a de-tangler for hair.

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Additionally it uses a fragrance component called Butylphenyl Methylpropional, and is typically used with hair care products opposed to how pure Argan oil can also be used for cosmetic products designed for the skin. So whether you are looking for a product that can help with antiaging, to help rejuvenate your hair, or perhaps both, you can choose between Argan oil and Moroccan oil, both of which will have Argania Spinosa Kernal Oil in the product itself.

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