12 Common Facts to Know About Argan Oil Benefits

Argan oil has been used by women in Morocco for decades. It comes from the nut of a small fruit that is found on trees there. For years this beauty secret has been kept a secret, but no longer. Now you can buy your own bottle and create the best beauty products ever.

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The oil should be cold pressed for best argan oil benefits and will provide users with a myriad of benefits. Cold pressed oil will help to retain the benefits of the oil and prevent any heat damage that would affect the quality of the oil.

If you’re looking for a miracle oil that does everything from heal your scars to prevent wrinkles, this may be what you’re looking for. It fills in the fine lines of the skin and will make you appear more radiant and youthful. Scars will be minimized and your skin will heal from within.


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One of the most important things to know before we talk about argan oil uses and benefits, is that you don’t have to spend big bucks and buy the expensive name brand products with argan oil in them. Instead, buy a small bottle of argan oil (it will be expensive) and put a few drops (one or two) in your own favorite beauty products. This will actually save you a lot of money in the long run. What’s most important to note here is that the argan oil will go a long ways.

It only takes a few drops (anywhere from one to three) of argan oil in your beauty products, for this reason, always buy the smallest sized bottle you can afford.

You’ll reap great benefits from the oil when you put it in your favorite cosmetics, creams and lotions. To enjoy Argan oil benefits, it can be added to any lotion, cream, toner, astringent, conditioner or carrier oil that you choose. You’ll benefit greatly from adding in your own argan oil and you’ll save a lot of money in the long run. A few drops go a long ways toward providing you with plenty of moisturizing benefits.


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Argan oil benefits as a moisturizer, are very important for your skin. You can apply a few drops to your dry skin areas and reap many great benefits. Dry scaly elbows, knees and heels will greatly benefit from the application of just a few simple drops.

Simply add a few drops of argan oil to your favorite moisturizer or lotion and you’ll reap the great benefits it has to offer. Your skin will glow and be more youthful in appearance. Apply it directly to the trouble areas of the skin and it will give dramatic results within a few short minutes. Reapply as needed and you’re sure to appreciate the benefits of the beauty treatment.


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If  you’re struggling with dry or chapped lips a drop of argan oil will help to moisturize and smooth your lips. It’s excellent in the harsh winter months or if you’re into outdoor winter sports such as skiing or snow boarding.

Make your own lip balm with a dab of beeswax or coconut oil and some argan oil. Put it in a small jar and keep it on your counter. Put a small jar in your purse or glove box. Your lips will be soft and smooth year around. You could also add a few drops of argan oil to your favorite lip balms or ointments. It’s full of vitamins that will nourish your lips and skin and make them healthier and more full.


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Excellent for deep conditioning hair. If you’re suffering from dry brittle hair you’ll appreciate the benefits of argan oil. Just a few drops will help to tame the frizzies and give your hair that extra lush shine that you’re looking for. You can also use ti as a deep conditioner. Apply a few drops to your hair before you go to bed and wind your hair up and put it under a shower cap.

Your body heat will heat it up and deep condition your hair. Wash hair as usual in the morning and you’re sure to have softer, more luxurious hair.

An alternative method is to toss a towel in the dryer and wrap it around the head to help retain the heat. Wear it for about half an hour and then wash hair as normal. Follow up with an argan infused conditioner for best results.


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You can also use this as a regular conditioner. Simply put a few drops into your favorite conditioner and mix well. Use as you do your regular shampooing and your hair is sure to be lustrous and shiny. You can do this daily or weekly for great results. Your hair will shine and glow and be healthier. Teach your daughters to use it as well. Young girls will appreciate learning beauty secrets while they are young and they will remember that mom cared when they are older.


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If you, like many, are struggling with acne you’ll be amazed at how easily argan oil treats acne. Apply directly to the blemishes and you’re sure to see improvement by the next day. You can also mix it with tea tree oil for more benefits. Use as your skin moisturizer for great results.

It’s full of vitamins A and E and will help to ease your skins irritations. Acne can leave scars on the face and argan oil can greatly reduce those scars and help the person to regain their appearance. You’re sure to appreciate how it can help to heal and maintain your skin without any chemicals.


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As a toner, argan oil is an excellent choice. Make your own with one cup of boiled water or distilled water and one green tea bag. Steep for ten minutes and remove tea bag. Add in two drops of argan oil and use as a toner.

Use this on your skin morning and night. You can also Spritz face with this daily for great results whenever you feel stressed or like you need to freshen your skin. A toner is used to help the skin stay fresh and radiant all day long. It helps to reduce pores and maintain a youthful appearance.


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One of the argan oil uses is for stretch marks. Whether you’ve just lost a lot of weight, or you are pregnant and struggling to accept those first stretch marks, you’re sure to appreciate the benefits of argan oil. Combine one tablespoon of brown sugar with a few drops of argan oil. Massage into areas that have stretch marks. These areas are usually the hips, thighs, stomach and breast area.

Massage in circular motion and gently rinse off in the shower. Gently pat the skin dry to avoid stretching it further.

It’s also an excellent relief for surgical scars that may be in a prominent location. It will help to reduce the red irritated look of a post surgical scar and speed healing with nourishing vitamins that will help to repair the damaged skin.


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Tired of your dull lifeless nails? Massage a drop of argan oil between the palms of the hands and then gently massage fingernails before you polish. Gently rinse off and pat nails dry and apply polish as usual. It will greatly relieve hangnails and help to heal damaged cuticles that may be irritated and sore as well.

You can also do this for your toenails. It will help to reduce hangnails, rough dry skin areas and it will deep condition the nails. You can leave it on overnight for even more benefits simply slip a pair of socks on your feet while you sleep.


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Add a few drops of argan oil to your favorite carrier oil. Mix in one or two drops of your favorite essential oil as well. Massage into your skin for a rejuvenating effect.

Your skin will be glowing. This is also excellent for massage therapists to use for their patients. It’s soothing to skin and sore muscles and will deeply penetrate the skin providing plenty of benefits to the body. Add in your favorite essential oil and you’re sure to have a great massage.


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If you’re struggling with nail fungus, you’re sure to appreciate how well the argan oil works on your funus. It will help to stop the fungus and rid your body of it while gently nourishing your skin. Fungus can easily invade skin and tender areas of the body creating a lot of irritation. Argan oil is gentle and will provide plenty of relief from the condition without irritating chemicals.


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There are many commercial brands of argan oil on the market today. It’s important to ensure that when you buy it, you’re only buying the argan oil that is 100 percent argan oil. Avoid those with fillers that may not give you the accurate amounts you’re paying for. It only takes a few drops of argan oil when you buy the real thing. when you choose those that aren’t 100 percent you’re going to pay more, and need more of the product to make up for the filler.


Argan oil is a universal oil that will give the skin many great benefits. It’s also great for the hair and deep conditioning on the body. It combines well olive oil, coconut oil and sweet oil making it an ideal additive to such carrier oils.

Add in a few drops of your favorite essential oil and you’re sure to have your own winning combination. It’s easy to create your own favorite beauty products by combining a few drops of argan oil to products you’ve trusted and relied on for years.

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Just make sure that you’re always buying the most pure forms of argan oil and that it doesn’t have any additives or fillers that can affect how great it works. Like any oil, argan oil can go rancid quickly. Always choose a small sized bottle and plan to use it within six months of opening it.

This will help you to avoid rancid oil which will smell horrible and greatly affect your budget. Argan oil benefits are making it the miracle oil that they claim, it provides the skin with many great benefits and will go far to nourish and repair damaged skin cells and hair. Use it as your go to remedy for all of your skin, fingernail and hair care needs. You’ll be rewarded with beautiful skin, hair and nails. With so many nourishing vitamins for your skin and hair you simply can’t go wrong.

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