Is It Worth Using the Best Argan Oil?


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When it comes to humans, unlike any other mammal that we know of, only we like to dress up and wear makeup. Putting paint on our faces seems to go back thousands of years. In early times this was nothing more than crushed berries or a mixture that we would probably refer to as mud.

When humans first started to use this kind of makeup we do not accurately know, but we do know that it was quite common amongst many tribes around the world. The art of painting our faces and looking after our bodies has continued to this day.Over a hundred years ago, there were many different types of makeup available.

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Eye shadows, facial creams and washes, hair products, and numerous other items were available to the women of the day. Most of them were homemade, only the wealthy could afford the products that were brought in from abroad. It was not until the mid-twentieth century that beauty products were mass produced, and most women used them. It became a trend that women would take care of the way that they looked, from a cosmetic point of view, while men would just simply shave and wash.

Back then the cosmetic industry tended to keep things simple. Items for sale usually consisted of facial powders, lipsticks, soaps, hair products and perfumes. As global trade picked up, more and more items became available.

By the time we reached the 1980’s, the beauty industry was turning over billions each and every year. The big brand names started to invest in a lot of research in order to stay one step ahead of their competitors, and that is the way it is today.



Each company is continuously working on the next big product that will prove a major success, and increase profits. Although the big brands now sell a lot of products, when you look on the shelves in any beauty store, it is clear to see that most of the products are unbranded. On top of that, we now have products for particular things such as skin lightening, scar removal, acne treatment, and many other things.

The range of hair products available for both men and women these days is quite simply vast. You could fill a whole aisle in a major supermarket with hair products alone. That means that the choice is enormous, and finding the best beauty product can be trial and error.The current fad in the beauty market is argan oil, it seems to be appearing in every type of product you can think of. Although it can be bought on its own, it appears in hair and skin products all around the globe.


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So, what is this new treatment, and what is the best argan oil? Many people tend to buy beauty products containing the latest trend just to be in with the crowd. In reality, they have no idea what it is. For those people that have no idea what Argan oil is, or where it comes from, here is a brief description.

It comes from the fruit of the argan tree, which is grown specifically within Morocco. It thrives well in the hot and dry conditions of the country, and the locals have been using it for centuries. There are two forms, one is pure, which is used for food, and the other is natural, which may still contain sediment.

Argan oil for consumption is only really available in Morocco, as it has an acquired taste, and is very pungent. However, when it comes to its uses in beauty products, the list is starting to become endless. Many soaps and facial creams now include it, as it has proved very good to help with completion.


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Hair products also use it as an additive, as argan oil helps to keep the hair strong, shiny and retain moisture. The question is, it is worth using best argan oil? The answer is yes, whenever a new product hits the market, it is always worth trying it out. It may work for you, it may not. But, unless you give it a try, you will never know. The reviews for argan oil are positive, so you have little to lose.

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