Is Pure Argan Oil Vegan? and How to Find It?

Lots of people are concerned about the future of the planet. For ecological, ethical, religious, spiritual, and health reasons these responsible people are turning to food and other products that are made without using animal products for ingredients.

If you would like to avoid products from animals, you will be happy to know that argan oil is vegan.


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Pure argan oil comes from a small kernel or nut in one specific area of the African country of Morocco. This forest is actually protected by UNESCO as a sustainable region.

So not only does this oil come from a vegetarian source, it is also farmed using sustainable methods that do not hurt the natural environment of its native country.

If fact, it is still harvested the old way. This nut is manually harvested, shelled, and then ground to produce the valuable oil that you may know as liquid or Morocco gold! It takes one of the workers three days to produce each liter of this oil because it is produced through the same methods that have been used for several centuries.

Not only is the product sustainable, it is sold through fair trade agreements. The native people who work with the trees, nuts, and oil are paid a fair wage for their efforts.

Since this oil has gotten attention all over the word, these people have even more opportunities. You can feel good about purchasing and using argan oil for a lot of reasons.


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One of the biggest advantages to turning to an oil like this for your hair and skin care is that it is entirely natural.

It is impossible to say that nobody will have an allergy to this oil, but it is very rare.

Most people are pleased with the results even if they use this oil and products that contain this oil daily.

This oil is actually used in its native country as a food. Natives dip their bread in argan oil the same way that Italians dip bread in olive oil.

When you purchase argan oil for use on your skin and hair, it may have other ingredients or not be food-grade, so it is only for topical use.

But it is nice to know that what you are putting on your skin and hair is of the same quality as food that millions of people eat every day.

In fact, on of the big advantages to using this oil is that it contains oils that are very close to the natural oils you own body produces for your skin and hair.

That may be why fans of argan oil say that it gets absorbed very quickly and does not leave any sort of grimy or greasy feeling on skin or hair.


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This oil does cost a bit more than some other types of oil. This is because it is grown in a sustainable manner, made by hand, and always imported from Africa.

However, people who use it say that a little bit goes a long way. Since they only need a dab for their hair or skin, these people say it is not really expensive because other less effective types of oil get used up very quickly.


You can buy one hundred percent argan oil to apply to your skin and hair. Most of the time people buy products that have argan oil mixed with other ingredients.

Note that if you buy a product that says it contains one hundred percent argan oil that does not mean it does not also contain other ingredients.

You will need to read the ingredient list carefully so you know what you are purchasing.

This oil is included in a variety of topical creams and lotions for skin care. These may range from remedies for acne to dry skin. and many people believe this oil is an effective anti-aging ingredient too.

The oil may be most commonly found in hair care products. These include hair treatments that are applied after washing and before setting.

These also include shampoo and conditioners. Some of the best beauty professionals also believe this oil helps color set and stay longer.

As your beauty care professional about argan oil. These professionals may include your own hair stylist or a consultant behind the beauty counter at one of the major department stores.

If you are interested, you might be able to try a sample of pure oil or a product that contains this type of vegan oil.

You can also find products with argan oil at many beauty supply stores, both offline and online. In fact, it is usually stocked at major eCommerce sites.

You may be able to find the most competitive prices at these outlets. If you know what you want to buy, you can certainly find this oil online!


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This oil is known to relieve a variety of different hair and skin conditions. Besides being used as a treatment of dry skin or acne, it is also a good treatment for frizzy, dry, or brittle hair.

Fans say it does not leave their skin or hair feel greasy because it is absorbed well. Since it is a rich source of antioxidants and essential fatty acids, it may help promote their overall healthy while providing a great remedy for hair and skin problems.


This oil is not the cheapest type of oil on the market. But you can feel good about your purchase because it is natural, healthy, and manufactured in a way that is good for people and the environment.

Since only a little bit of oil has to be applied, it may actually be a frugal decision to try some products with this oil. In fact, it may also be the best hair and skin care decision that you have ever made!

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