Places to Look for Moroccon Argan Oil In Vancouver

Chances are, if you follow the beauty industry at all, you have recently heard about the miracle substance which is argan oil.

argan oil

In fact, in some beauty circles, it seems to be pretty much all anyone can talk about lately! There are so many benefits to argan oil that they would be difficult to list individually.

However, suffice it to say that it carries significant health and beauty benefits for your skin, your nails, and your hair.


Since these are some of the main areas of beauty that people are consistently trying to improve, this makes argan oil in a constant state of high demand.

Because of the fact that argan oil is relatively rare and difficult to create, requiring a significant amount of manual labor to go into every single ounce of the precious oil that makes it to market, it can be somewhat difficult to find at times.


If you want to locate some argan oil available for purchase in Vancouver, here are some places to begin your search:

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  • 1 – First:
    • look in health food stores. Because of the fact that argan oil is considered to be so healthy, many times you will be able to find it carried in health food stores.
    • A lot of people labor under the misperception that the only types of products that health food stores carry fall under the category of food.
    • That ends a reasonable misunderstanding since the word “food” is actually in the title of the category of store! However, it is not factually correct, as many times health-food stores will carry a wide variety of product lines, including beauty supplies which are known to be particularly healthy for one reason or another.
    • Moroccan argan oil definitely falls in that category, giving you a better than decent chance of finding it there!
  • 2 – Second:
    • look in beauty supply stores. Since Moroccan argan oil is primarily used in the beauty aid, you should be able to find it in some beauty supply stores.
    • Focus your search on higher-end beauty supply stores, since it is a relatively expensive item. Lonely and beauty supply stores ‘ especially stores that advertise themselves as beauty warehouses or discount beauty stores ‘ will almost certainly not carry the product because of the price tag that comes along with it.
  • 3 – Third:
    • look in organic and natural product stores. Organic and natural products stores do tend to carry products which can solve beauty issues in a natural way for people who would otherwise be forced to purchase an over the counter product which would be heavily laden and chemicals.
    • Moroccan argan oil definitely fits that bill. Women are constantly forced to use chemical products in order to strengthen their nails, to soften their skin, and to make their hair long and shiny and beautiful. From a health food stores perspective, if all of those things can be achieved by using Moroccan argan oil, then that is a definite win for natural products.
  • 4 – Fourth:
    • look in bath and body stores. Many people utilize Moroccan argan oil as a high-end bath oil. Your skin and nails, and even your hair if you submerge your head while you are in the back, can reap many of the benefits of Moroccan argan oil even by the simple act of soaking in hot water that has been infused with it.
    • Because of that, many bath and body stores do consider it a bath and body products. However, just like with the other type of stores, make sure you focus your search on stores which cater to a higher-end clientele. Chain stores are certainly not going to carry a specialty products such as Moroccan argan oil.
  • 5 – Fifth:
    • if all else fails when trying to buy argan oil locally in Vancouver, you may need to resort to ordering online. Of course, this is the last resort, because it would be preferable to be able to walk into a store and walk straight out again carrying your bottle of precious Moroccan argan oil, which you can in turn begin using that very day.
    • However, this may not actually be possible, depending on the current stock at all of the stores around Vancouver that you look at. If all of the stores are completely out, do not despair ‘ there are plentiful supplies on various websites on the Internet, and you can easily search for them.
    • And for this, we have made a complete review for the best pure argan oil available online, and made a list of top 3 pure argan oil to avoid you making the wrong choice.


By employing these five guidelines when searching for argan oil in Vancouver, you are guaranteed to be able to find it. By any means ‘ it is, after all, a relatively rare substance ‘ but these are the places that you will stand the best chance of being able to locate some high quality argan oil available for purchase.

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