What to Look for when Buying Argan Oil Online: 7 Eye-opening Tips

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Argan oil comes from the Argan tree. Today, UNESCO lists this tree as endangered. Because it is rare, argan oil is among the world’s costliest oils.

Nonetheless, many are still after it because of the many benefits it offers. People use this oil for cooking and as potent ingredient in several cosmetic products.


There are people who love to use argan oil as a dip for bread and other baked goodies. This oil is also ideal to vegetarians. A salad gets more tasty and healthy if you sprinkle this oil over the dish. This oil is boosting with nutrients. It is even rich in antioxidants, which help fight free radicals and toxins in the body.

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Makers of personal care products also make use of this oil due to its many benefits (note that cosmetic argan oil is extracted differently from culinary argan oil). People can apply this oil to the hair, face, hands and skin. Argan oil provides quick hair repair to people with lifeless and thinning hair.


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Because this oil is rich in vitamins A, D, and E, it is also good for the skin. It hydrates and moisturizes dull skin and gives people a radiant glow.

The process of extracting argan oil is lengthy. Pure argan oil is extracted, not diluted. In fact, in Morocco, only women run the entire argan oil industry. Here, they manually labor and do not use any kind of machines.

This is why aside from being rare; the time-consuming process of production also makes this oil a little pricey. However, it does not matter if you need to spend a bit more money, as long as the argan oil is 100 percent pure.

In the online market, this oil is rampant; mostly are diluted and only few are pure. Hence, it pays to be a meticulous buyer. It is vital to educate yourself what qualities does pure argan oil have in order to avoid buying the fake one. Knowing what to look for when buying argan oil online will make you take home a high quality and pure oil.


Here is a checklist of what you need to look for in argan oil:

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1. Check The Label: When buying argan oil, see to it that the label says, “100 percent pure.” If not, check if it says, “cold pressed.” Opting for a product made in Morocco is also a good move.

In addition, check if it has the ECOCERT certification. ECOCERT is a reliable and leading certifier of fair trade food and cosmetics.

2. Check The Ingredients: After reading the label, check the ingredients. If you are buying from a local store, Most of the time, makers list the additives at the side or back portion of the container. but online, you can check the ingredients section.

Pure argan oil means it has only one ingredient – argan oil. The product should have no artificial scent or even water. According to studies, combining argan oil with other components minimizes its effects.

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3. Check The Container: Only pick a product in a dark glass bottle. Keeping the argan oil in a dark container is the best way to preserve the oil’s quality and potency. Avoid those in clear or plastic containers. Aside from not being eco-friendly, they also have poor quality.

4. Check The Price: Very cheap or too expensive argan oil products are not the best. The best argan oil in the market is the product with a reasonable price. The price for argan oil varies, depending upon the contents per bottle.


Now we will list few more tips that you can check after buying argan oil online, very useful and important tips that will show you if you got a good deal:

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5. Check The Color: Knowing which argan oil is pure is possible by simply looking at the color of the oil. The pure argan oil that people use for cooking should have a golden brown color. Conversely, the argan oil for personal care products should have a light golden yellow color.

If the color appears to light or dark, then the argan oil most likely have other oils on it. People should avoid such a product, since it signifies it is not pure.

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6. Check The Scent And Texture: Pure argan oil absorbs quickly. Hence, its mild nutty scent should disappear fast, within few minutes, after applying the oil on the skin. If the scent lasts long, then the more likely the argan oil has perfume. Argan oil products with added perfume are not ideal. The process of adding artificial scent removes the natural nutrients on the oil.

Pure argan oil is also neither too sticky nor too watery. Its texture should be light and smooth. Skin care products with pure argan oil disappear on the skin upon application, unlike fake ones, which create a greasy feeling.

7. Check The Results: People should know what to look for when buying argan oil to make the most of their bucks. Among these things is the speed of results.

When using argan oil in the attempt to prevent hair fall or moisturize the skin, you should take note of the results. You do not have to wait for half a year to get the effects you want. Pure and potent argan oil should provide great benefits in as fast as one to two months.


As a consumer, it is your responsibility to be vigilant and it is your right to get only the best products. Buying argan oil is not an exemption. Hence, you should learn the qualities of the best argan oil by heart. Search for these qualities when shopping and end up with only the purest one.

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