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Whenever you search for a hair care product that is supposed to help you fix your split ends, moisturize your hair, and repair it if damage has been done, you’re often confronted with so many options, it’s hard to tell which product will actually work best.

The difficulty with choosing shampoo, and especially conditioners, is that they are made with a wide variety of ingredients that may or may not work for you. Obviously, each person has different types of hair, which means that different haircare solutions will work differently on each individual.

This article will address the benefits of using any product that uses what is called Argan oil, and why this might be exactly what you were looking for when searching for the best conditioner for your hair.


argan oil

This oil has a very strange name, and originates from a very remote location. Located on the northwest corner of the continent of Africa, in the country of Morocco, this oil is derived from the Argan tree.

This tree thrives in the semi desert of the Sous Valley. It grows to about 10 m in height and will live up to 200 years. It is a thorny tree, with gnarled trunks, and has small oval leaves. The fruit of the tree is where the Argan oil comes from, a fruit that takes over a year to mature.


the process of making argan

There is quite an extensive extraction process that is involved when trying to get Argan oil from this fruit. First of all, the fruit has to mature which can take over a year, and once it is harvested, it needs to dry for several weeks. After this is done, the flesh of the fruit is removed and the seed inside is revealed.

The seed is then cracked open revealing the kernels within. In the past, native goats in the area would simply climb the trees and eat the fruit. The fruit would be ingested whole by the goats, and the native Moroccans would get the pit of the fruit from the goat feces. Once these pits were gathered, they would be cracked open using rocks.

The seeds inside would be roasted, and then the seeds would be ground into a paste using manual labor and a little water. The oil would be extracted, and used for cooking and meals. In modern times, the kernels containing the oil would not be roasted, creating an oil of higher purity without the nutty aroma.



As a result of the popularity of Argan oil, especially in the cosmetic industry, more trees have been planted than ever before, and they are protected from being cut down. It has created many additional jobs in Morocco, despite the fact that modern machinery is used for the oil extraction process.

The absence of water, and the avoidance of using chemicals, will yield a high grade oil that can be used for cosmetics, and will also have many beneficial natural medicinal properties. The key ingredient within Argan oil that is so beneficial for your health, and also cosmetics, shampoos and conditioners are the Omega 3 and 9 fatty acids that are contained in the oil which can help moisturize your skin and hair.


beautiful woman with red hair

Now that you know that Argan oil is one of the best moisturizers for your skin and hair, you might be looking for a conditioner that can help repair your hair. The fatty acids will definitely make it possible to repair split ends, and excessively dry hair that has recently been damaged.

By using serums and conditioners, and even the shampoos that have Argan oil, it is possible to use these to improve the appearance, look and feel of your hair with just a few treatments.


1- OGX

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The best Argan oil conditioner available online can actually be obtained from a company by the name of OGX.

They use only the best Argan oil that is 100% pure, which helps improve your hair’s condition, leaving it smooth without tangles. Not only do the fatty acids keep your hair extremely healthy, it also has antioxidants and Vitamin E that can help as well. If you have frizzy hair, or if it has been chemically damaged due to a perm, you really can’t go wrong with OGX Argan oil moisture conditioner.

This brief overview of what argan oil is, where it originates, and how it is beneficial for your health and your hair should provide you with enough information to try one of the hair conditioners that has this oil which can help improve its overall appearance.

The best argan oil conditioner is OGX argan oil moisture conditioner which has received high praise. If you truly want to improve your hair, making it fuller and more buoyant, products by OGX are the ones you should use.

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