So Can We Use Argan Oil for Dry Scalp?

One question that keeps appearing on the internet now is; ‘Can we use argan oil for dry scalp?’ The simple answer to this is yes, of course you can.


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Argan oil comes from the argan tree, which is located in Morocco. The fruit of the tree is harvested and crushed to a pulp in order to extract the oil it contains. So it is a 100% natural product, with none of the chemicals you get in many of today’s hair products. So why can argan oil be used on the dry scalp?


All oils work in a similar way if applied to the body, and that is because they form a thin surface covering the area they are applied too. This in turn helps seal in moisture, so if it is applied to the scalp, then it can prevent the top layer of skin from drying out, and this means that it will reduce dandruff.

However, you do not want to go rubbing something like crude oil into your scalp for a number of reasons!!!!!! It is full of toxins, and worse still, it stinks. It also contains different chains of carbon, which is why we get different oils from it when we process it, such as diesel, gas, and airline fuel.

So what is so different about argan oil? Well the first thing you will notice is that the argan oil smell is not strong, and anything that smells good can be applied to the body.

The main benefit of argan oil though is that the carbon chains are short, and so it can interact with a lot more body structures. It is this last point that makes argan oil so good for hair and scalp treatment. It can easily bind to the hair and make it look shiny and new, and it also helps hold in the nutrients.

Due to the size of the argan oil molecular structure, it can also enter the hair follicles, which helps keep the nutrients in, and bacteria out.

By using oil to protect it, then it will remain in good condition, and have the benefit of extra shine.

Rubbing oil into the scalp protects the skin cells from excessive drying, and when the oil gets into the hair follicles it can help maintain good hair growth.


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Now we know that argan oil is good at interacting with the skin and hair, how can we get all benefits to using it? When you add oil to your shampooing regime, then it can have a positive effect. However, you need to do your normal shampoo and conditioning method first.

Once that is complete and you have dried your hair with a towel, put a small amount of argan oil on the palm of your hand, and apply it to your hair.

This will give your hair a shine that you may never have had before.

Why would you apply this oil to your hair? Well these days our hair can take a serious beating. When you spend time in the sunlight, the UVA, UVB and heat can dry out, and destroy the hair.


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So now you know the answer to ‘Can argan oil be used on the scalp?’ You certainly can, and the benefits of argan oil are a lot more than using a single product such as a conditioner, which is made solely from chemicals.

However, argan oil should be used as an addition to your hair care and not a replacement. By using it once a day you should see an improvement in the condition of your scalp and hair within a few of days.

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