Top 10 Benefits Of Argan Oil for Hair

argan oil

Argan oil has been termed a miracle oil in treating a multitude of elements relating to the hair and skin.

It is now widely used as a health and beauty product, the oil comes from the kernels of the Argan fruit. Currently the oil has become more popular than many other natural oils used today.


It has been proven that the argan oil has many beneficial uses in protecting and treating hair problems such as dry scalp, split ends and brittle hair as well as the maintenance of overall health of the hair. Below are some of the benefits that the argan offer for the hair.


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Experts say that the oil is liquid gold as it can breathe new life into hair that is dry, brittle and fly away. Argan oil can be compared to the properties offered by the more commonly used Jojoba oil. However, it offers more benefits with lasting results for damaged hair.

Here are 10 of the most known benefits when using argan oil for hair:

1- The oil hydrates the hair in a more natural way which helps rough, frizzy and hair that is fly away.

2- Argan oil is absorbed at a much faster rate opposed to other oils. This means that the oil can penetrate into the shaft and the hair follicles. When the oil enters the hair shaft it promotes elasticity and nourishes the hair from the inside out.

3- Argan oil is wonderful to use on dry hair as it gives instant nourishment and moisture to the hair.

4- Hair that is damaged can be given the right amount of nourishment to nurse the state of the hair back to health. Hair becomes unmanageable and difficult to style when it is over processed or damaged. Argan oil can combat this damage making the hair manageable and much easier to style.

5- The high doses of anti oxidants present in the argan oil will strengthen each hair strand from the root area to the tips.

6- The Vitamin E present in the oil can help to heal and treat hair that has become damaged from using heating and styling products. Hair can additionally be exposed to wear and tear from environmental factors. These can include pollution, constant exposure to the sun and the wind.

7- Argan oil serves the best purpose in promoting amazing shine to the hair. The natural oil helps the hair to regain its own natural shine. Only a few drops of the oil will be needed and should be evenly distributed through the hair.

8- After harsh treatments such as coloring or highlights the argan oil can be used like a treatment that should be left on overnight. The oil will help to combat brittleness usually experienced after chemical treatments and help to restore the smoothness of the hair shaft.

9- Argan oil can be used as a daily barrier against blow drying, flat ironing and other types of heating aids. Over time the oil can reverse damage and restore the natural health of the hair.

10- Argan oil contains essential fatty acids such as omega 9 and 3 which will help to prevent and heal the appearance of dry split ends.


argan oil

When using Argan oil for the hair, factors such as the condition the hair is in, the hair type and length will depend on the amount that should be used with every application.

An individual may need to experiment with the amounts to find out if more or less of the product is needed in order to gain the desired effects.

It is recommended to start off with 2 drops for an application and gradually increase or decrease the dosage. Use a bottle that comes with a sprayer to ensure that the product is not wasted and only small amounts come out at a time.


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  • Product for styling the hair
  • Heat protector when using curling tongs, hairdryers and flat irons
  • As a treatment that can be left in the hair
  • Hot oil type of treatment
  • Helps the hair to grow and promotes new hair growth
  • Treats all types of scalp conditions

Argan oil is an overall great product that can replace many of the usual hair products with far greater benefits when used. Only small amounts are needed in order to gain the wonderful benefits of this natural product.

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