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easy-heal Argan Oil Tips 

Choose Argan Oil For Nappy Rash And Overall Personal Care For Baby And The Entire Family


When it comes to personal care, most products for adults and children are filled with undesirable ingredients. One are that has concerned many busy parents is the amount of chemically laden products recommended for use on infants.


A look at most infant care labels verifies that these products that are supposed to be mild and gentle are actually full of petroleum products, chemicals, dyes and perfumes. What can a parent do to provide excellent, all natural care for baby? One great solution is Argan oil.


Natural Argan oil has healing properties that even help resolve oily skin problems, such as acne. It is no wonder that many parents report that it clears up even the most severe nappy rash more quickly than any commercially prepared product.


Just as Argan oil is an excellent all over beauty and personal care product for adults, it is also a fine choice for babies. From treating nappy rash to conditioning skin and hair, Argan oil provides gentle, nourishing all over care for baby.


The best choice in Argan oil products for baby and for you is pure, 100% Argan oil with no added ingredients. When you choose properly prepared cosmetic Argan oil from Morocco, you can be certain of getting a high quality, effective product that will meet multiple health and personal care needs for the entire family.


Why Is Argan Oil From Morocco Better?Argan_Tree

Lately you may have seen that people in the Philippines are trying to cultivate the Argan tree (aka: Argania spinosa) in hopes of bringing more trade to their area.


While this is certainly laudable because the Argan tree is a threatened species, the fact is the best Argan oil comes from the very small area of Morocco where the Argan tree grows naturally.


The soil and weather conditions are better for the tree there, and the people in the region have centuries of experience harvesting the fruit, collecting and crushing the pits and properly preparing the oil for culinary and cosmetic use.


This is why you are far better off selecting Argan oil from Morocco; however, be careful not to mistake Moroccan Oil for Argan oil from Morocco. Oil that is labeled as Moroccan oil may simply be any kind of oil from Morocco. Read the label carefully to be sure it is really 100% pure, natural, cold processed Argan oil.


Is Pure Argan Oil For Nappy Rash Really Better Than Baby Oil?

Baby oil is made mostly of mineral oil, which is a petroleum based oil. Any oil made of petroleum is not fit to put on your body. Petroleum based oils are fit for use in combustion engines and other machines in need of lubrication.


The molecules of petroleum based oils are too big to be absorbed by the skin, so they simply sit on the skin locking in your own natural oils. In the process, they clog pores and expose you (or your baby) to toxic, synthetic substances.


Coconut OilIf you find you need to use a carrier oil with Argan oil for purposes such as all-over moisturizing, a very good choice for nappy rash and general baby needs is coconut oil.


You can make a nice salve of coconut oil and a few drops of Argan oil that will help keep nappy rash at bay. Argan oil has tremendous healing and anti-oxidant properties.


Coconut oil is antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral. When you combine the two, you get a rich, nourishing, natural cream with a delicious tropical/nutty scent.


Additionally, a combination of Argan oil and coconut oil will soak right into baby’s skin and will not damage cloth diapers or baby’s crib sheets.


If your baby has a very severe case of nappy rash, try using the coconut oil and Argan oil combination all over and then applying a few drops of pure Argan oil directly to the rash for extra protection. Argan oil is also an excellent choice for direct treatment of problems such as cradle cap.


It is easy to see that for all its many fine qualities Argan oil used alone or in combination with coconut oil is a fine treatment for nappy rash and for many other cosmetic and personal care uses for baby and for the entire family.



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