How to Remove Argan Oil from Clothes: Quick and Easy Tips


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Argan oil is a famous oil from the kernels of the tree called the argan tree, is one of the most widely used oils these days. This tree is native in the country of Morocco, and the people of this country originally used the oil for cooking. Just like olive oil, people use this oil as a garnish for their salads, too.

Nowadays, there are individuals who mix argan oil with honey and use it as a dip. Based on studies, argan oil contains many nutrients and is potent in fighting cancer-causing agents.

Aside from culinary uses, argan oil serves as an ideal beauty regimen, as well. In fact, more and more beauty products available in the market today have argan oil in them. Consumers, in turn, patronize such products in the attempt to enhance their look.

Most of these are hair and skin care products, as argan oil is a potent moisturizer. According to research, most beauty stores do not run out of cosmetic products with argan oil. The number of people who opt for argan oil has tripled since the year manufacturers’ first introduced this ingredient.

Men and women alike, from sunrise to sunset, are most likely use products with argan oil for various reasons.


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Because of frequent usage, there is a higher tendency that this oil spills over people’s clothes. Of course, getting rid of stains on clothes is a laborious process.

As a result, many people ask, how to remove argan oil from clothes? This question may seem common, yet its answers are of great importance for people who consider argan oil part of their day-to-day routine.

Among other factors that cause stains on clothes, oil is one of the most common. A stain due to argan oil is not an exception. To address this issue, the first thing to do is to know what type of cloth has the argan oil stain. Second, it is vital to choose bleaching products that will not damage the cloth. Third, after the stain has been removed, people must always be careful to avoid staining clothes over again.


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Argan Oil Stains on Cotton Fabric: What if your favorite cotton shirt or dress has argan oil stains? Many people have experienced this also, but they were able to address the issue just by rubbing talcum powder over the stain. In the absence of talcum powder, cornstarch is the best alternative. Allow the powder to sit for 30 to 45 minutes prior to wiping it off using a soft cloth.

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Remember that brushing off stains on cotton fabrics using a brush with hard bristles is not advisable. This kind of brush may only damage the fabric and cause the stain to spread to other parts of the cloth.

Argan Oil Stains on Silk Fabric: There are several ways on how to remove argan oil from clothes made of silk. However, just like cotton ones, it is better to use talcum powder or cornstarch. Aside from being powerful stain removers, these two are also very affordable.

Sprinkle the powder over the stained parts of the clothes and allow 30 to 45 minutes before wiping it off with a soft cloth. You also have the option to use brush with soft bristles; just make sure you are brushing the stain off gently.


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How to get rid of stains caused by argan oil is simple. However, deep-seated stains are hard to remove. Therefore, it is vital to act and clean the stain right after spilling argan oil on clothes. If immediate measures do not work, you can also give the following a shot:

The best tip in removing argan oil stains on fabric is to start by using the mildest solution before trying stronger agents. This way, you are avoiding possibilities of damage to the fiber and color of the fabric. This means to say that before using laundry detergents, you can try soaking stained clothes on a solution made of dish washing liquid and hot water. Otherwise, you can also use a nail polish remover. Just see to it that you are applying acetone on white clothes and other fabrics that do not easily fade.

For argan oil stains that have been on clothes for a long time, using paint thinner is also an effective option. First, try applying a little amount of paint thinner to some parts of the dirty cloth and not the entire cloth as you may damage it.

Next, once you find out that the thinner was able to clean the stain, repeat the process to some other stained clothes. In addition, clean clothes one by one and not altogether as you will only potentially add insult to the injury.

As with the application of the thinner, you also have to wash off stained clothes one by one. Cleaning clothes stained by argan oil needs time. However, as long as you follow the tips above, you can surely bid goodbye to argan oil stains and have the ability to wear spotless clothes again.


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