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A Nutty History: 15 Fascinating Facts About the Origins of Argan Oil Argan Oil Tips 

A Nutty History: 15 Fascinating Facts About the Origins of Argan Oil


Argan oil does not need any introduction. Popularly known as liquid gold, argan oil has garnered a reputation among health fanatics and experts in skin industries. This oil brings regenerating effects when applied to your nails, skin and hair. Above all, it is a therapeutic oil that you can use in your cooking as well.

This article leads you to the incredible and interesting history of argan oil. There are facts that will amaze and make you more familiar with this restorative oil. We have included the use of both culinary and cosmetic argan oil later in the article. Check those tips to make the most of nature’s precious gift.

Let’s start with the fascinating facts of argan oil:

1. Everything You Should Know About The Captivating History of Argan Oil

Argana is the name of a Moroccan village, which is a homeland to numerous argan trees. This village is just a few miles away from the popular city of Agadir. Let’s dig deep into the history of argan oil by examining these common facts about it:

argan tree
Photo by Bjørn Christian Tørrissen / CC BY-SA
  • The significance of argan tree. At present, you can find cultivation of argan trees in the southern-western part of the country. These areas are extremely well-known for the large populations of local goats. The mention of goats with respect to argan trees has its own significance.

The local goats in this area delight in climbing up the liquid gold trees to feed on the argan fruit. The argan fruits contains a hard nut, which is a home to little kernels. These tiny kernels are as valuable as gold since they store the argan oil.

  • Old is gold. The Moroccan culture is proud to be the originator of argan oil. This liquid gold has been a part of their culture for several decades now. The explorers have found that argan oil was known as a beauty oil long back in 1550 BC.

Leo Africanus, the popular historian, learned about the recuperative health benefits of argan oil, so he took it to Europe in 1510. Europeans embraced the goodness of argan oil and it soon became an expensive beauty product among the rich and royal.

  • The meticulous Berber women. Perhaps you may not be aware of this fact, but many people admire the Berber women for their lustrous locks and smooth skin. When asked for the secret of their timeless beauty, they give all the credit to the healing and beautification effects of liquid gold. They regularly apply argan oil to their skin, hair and nails to keep them healthy and attractive.
  • Recognition of argan oil in western countries. In more recent times, Western scientists have taken a more pronounced interest in liquid gold. Scientists have undertaken many studies lately to understand the restorative benefits of argan oil. They have discovered that this oil is rich in countless valuable components like vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.

Lately, argan oil has traveled all over the globe. Numerous people are using argan oil and bathing in its beautiful effects. People who prefer to go natural rather than use chemical-laden products are in love with revitalizing argan oil, which only promises healing results.

2. The Miraculous Argan Tree: A Savior for Moroccans

MoroccansApproximately 95 percent of the Berbers make a decent living, all thanks to the argan tree. The Berbers and other protectors of argan trees are extremely gratified to be the owners of such a miraculous product.

Argan trees have the capability to thrive, even in desert conditions. And this characteristic of the tree helps the Berbers depend on them all year round for various different things. The fact is that the Berbers call the argan tree a “gift from the Almighty,” because of the following reasons:

  • Cultivation of the barley crop. Many people are not aware of this information, but argan trees provide year-round shelter to the cultivation of barley crops. Barley is a staple crop for the Berbers because it is resistant to drought conditions and provides hay to animals during summer.
  • Goat breeding. Goats feed on the fresh leaves and fruits of argan trees. They relish these so much that they often climb the tree branches to enjoy their favorite food. Since argan fruits and trees boast of therapeutic health benefits, goats thrive in this area and remain healthy.
  • The owners of goats earn a decent amount by selling just one fully mature healthy goat. They use this money to feed their family and invest in their own business.
  • Production of argan oil. Extracting argan oil and supplying it to the various parts of the globe is one of the lucrative businesses of Berbers in recent times.

3. Know the Beautiful Characteristics of Argan Trees

The majority of people have only read about the rejuvenating properties of argan oil for cooking as well as culinary processes. However, most of them are not aware of the characteristics of this healing tree.

Some of the amazing features of an argan tree are:

  • The trunk of an argan tree is quite short, but it has numerous twisting branches that can expand for up to 35 feet in length.
  • argan leaves and fruitsThe twisting of the branches makes it easy for the goats to climb up the tree and feed on the argan leaves and fruits.
  • The argan tree bears numerous fruits, which look just like olives in terms of size and shape. The fruits mature in the months of summer and change from a green color to cool shades of yellow.

The argan oil, which is obtained from the seeds of argan trees, is no less than a wonder product. The chemical constituents of argan oil are:

  • Sterols, unsaturated fatty acids, squalene and vitamin E.
  • Necessary fats and wholesome nutrients and that your body requires for staying fit.
  • Free of harsh preservatives, toxins, colorings or harmful chemicals.

Want to know about the extraction of argan oil? Continue reading.

4. From Goats to Argan Oil: Understand the Production of Liquid Gold

The Berber women were the first to extract argan oil from the fruits of the argan tree. Even today when manufacturers are using machines and specialized techniques to extract argan oil, the Berber women are still using their skills to extract natural, quality argan oil.

Let’s understand the traditional method of argan oil extraction. The process is divided into several stages. Astonishingly, it might take more than 15 hours to extract argan oil by a traditional technique.

  • goats tend to climb the tall argan treesThe role of local goats in traditional argan oil extraction. Initially, goats were the imperative part of the oil extraction. The goats tend to climb the tall argan trees because of the specific and unique structure of the tree’s branches. They would eat the delicious argan fruit.

Later, the Berbers would accumulate the goat’s dung and gather the hard shells left by them. They then bring these hard shells for oil extraction. The involvement of goats makes the process a bit faster because workers skip the peeling of the argan fruit to obtain the hard shell. However, nowadays, improved techniques don’t involve goats because the presence of the animal affects the odor of the argan oil and in turn its sale.

Now, the majority of Berber women pick the argan fruit directly as they fall off the tree when they get mature, right after the summer.

  • Peeling the fruit. The skilled Berbers peel the argan fruit to find the hard nut. Several layers of pulp surround the nut. They make use of stones to crush the fruit and pluck the nut from inside. They offer the separated pulp of the fruit to the animals because it is not edible for humans.
  • The next step to crack open the tough nut. They crack the nuts with the help of stones. They take extra care and use controlled pressure to crack the nut in order to prevent any damage to the precious seeds present inside the nut. Each nut is composed of one to three kernels. The Berbers use the separated hard shells of the nuts to craft items such as like pottery.
  • collect the seedsMashing the seeds. Berber women collect the seeds and take them to a mill. Here, the women crush the seeds into a mash. They knead this mash and filter the argan oil. The locals offer the leftovers to animals for feeding.
  • Oil filtration. The Berbers filter the oil multiple times. They leave the oil in a container for a few weeks. Gradually, the sediment collects at the bottom of the container. They remove the clean oil and filter it many times to obtain clear oil.

You might notice some traces of sediment inside the bottle of argan oil you purchase from the market. Rest assured, this only indicates that the oil is authentic.

5. The Popularity of Argan Oil and the Effect on the Moroccans

The global fame of argan oil is nothing less than a boon for the natives of Morocco. At present, argan oil has expanded from the shelves of Berbers and found itself a special place in the skin industry. You can find plethora of cosmetics that include argan oil as one of the primary ingredients. In fact, the inclusion of argan oil makes the skin product even more in demand.

Here are some other positive modifications that argan oil has brought:

  • Flourishing financial resources. Even women in opulent nations are demanding argan oil to enhance their beauty. The high reputation of argan oil has increased the financial resources of Moroccans.
  • Use of latest machinery. In order to increase the production of argan oil, manufacturers have removed goats from the extraction of argan oil. Now, they use specialized machines, large grinders and crushers to keep in pace with the accelerating demand for argan oil.
  • Profit to commercial companies. Individual retailers of Morocco are earning in large numbers as the government has made huge investments in argan oil.
  • MoroccoQuality of life for the Moroccans. Travelers, industrialists and people who are interested to know more about argan oil are flocking to the country of Morocco. The country itself is flourishing with the growth of tourism and the booming global sale of argan oil. With skyrocketing success, there’s no doubt that the quality of life has prominently increased for Berbers and residents of the other places where argan trees grow in abundance.
  • Employment for all. The introduction of machines and specialized procedures for argan oil extraction has provided employment for many more locals. They can earn money and live a fulfilled life.
  • Better future for thriving generation. The local Berbers are involved with both the modern and the traditional methods of argan oil extraction. Now, they are able to provide the necessities to their families. They are able to look after their children well and provide them with the education they really need. With the advent of education, the literacy rate has risen in the area.

6. Ecological Protection From UNESCO Ensures The Safety of Argan Trees

The area that grows argan trees is now under the protection of UNESCO. The government entity makes sure that the resources of argan trees do not run out and the local women can continue to live a gratified life.

In the year 1999, UNESCO confirmed the whole argan region as a biosphere reserve. Also, they started many beneficial programs that aim to assure that the cooperatives work in appropriate working conditions.

The trade is quite transparent between the government and cooperatives. They provide the local Berber women with suitable working hours so that they can look after their home and family. This assures that the women are able to create a balance between their earnings and their family, which would have otherwise been challenging.

7. Traditional Uses: Morocco’s Liquid Gold

Liquid GoldArgan trees are found naturally only in one place, Morocco. The local Moroccans are in awe with the curative properties of argan oil and have been using it since time immemorial. In the southern region of the country, locals make use of argan oil for their beauty and healing needs.

The traditional topical uses of argan oil are as follows:

  • Heals cracks and burns
  • Soothes eczema
  • Clears up acne
  • Protects against and cures skin infections
  • Accelerates recovery from chicken pox

8. From Healthy to Radiant: The Invigorating Effects of Argan Oil on Your Skin

Pure argan oil gets easily absorbed and regulates the pH balance of the skin. The many other effective benefits of argan oil for skin are:

  • Topical application of argan oil helps to calm inflammations and control the excess secretion of sebum, which causes acne. It also fades the scars left by active acnes.
  • Sun damage. Argan oil is full of effective antioxidants, which protect skin cells from damaging ultraviolet rays.
  • Dry skinDry skin. It nurtures and moisturizes dry, flaky, scaly skin and protects against infection.
  • Oily skin. Argan oil regulates sebum production in order to maintain the healthy level of the skin’s natural oils. The regular usage of argan oil makes the skin oil-free and radiant.
  • Argan oil triggers the renewal of skin cells and improves elasticity while smoothing fine lines wrinkles.
  • Itchy or irritated skin. It protects skin from allergens that may cause itchiness.

9. Liquid Gold: The Natural and Effective Cure of Eczema and Psoriasis

Apart from making your skin radiant and perfect, the application of argan oil can also treat various forms of skin disorders, such as eczema and psoriasis. Here’s how to apply argan oil the right way:

  • Be sure to clean your hands by washing them with warm water and soap before using argan oil.
  • Apply only a few drops of argan oil to the affected areas.
  • Use the tip of your fingers to massage the oil gently into the skin. When you massage, the oil sinks into the deeper layers of the skin and moisturizes the dried-out patches. You will be able to see the visible relief to your symptoms in a few days.
  • Apply argan oil twice per day for best results.
  • If you want to carry on with your previous skin lotion, apply the oil on top of it.

Don’t spend a big chunk of your money on treatments that only promise false hopes. Use argan oil and keep your skin disease-free and healthy.

10. Not Only For Your Skin: What Else Argan Oil Can Do For You

Argan oil is not only a boon for your skin; it is your complete beauty package that helps restore your hair and nails, too. A single bottle of argan oil can replace separate treatments for your skin, hair and nails, like this:

  • HairHair: An application of argan oil works to repair damaged hair. It moisturizes the strands immediately and prevents split ends while restoring luster. Argan oil accelerates hair growth and makes each hair strand full of life. This makes your hair look bouncier and shinier.
  • Scalp: Argan oil keeps your scalp healthy and well nourished. Application of a few drops is enough to prevent dryness and cure dandruff. Also, argan oil keeps your hair hydrated, protected, and well nourished.
  • Nails: Argan oil makes your nails strong and healthy. It brings back their natural shine and makes them strong so that they don’t chip easily.

11. The Difference Between Culinary and Cosmetic Argan Oil

There are two varieties of argan oil. Let’s go through the difference between the two:

  • Culinary argan oil: This variety of argan oil is used for cooking purposes. To prepare it, Berber women roast the kernels lightly before crushing them. Roasting makes sure that the oil has a nutty flavor and is light in weight to make your recipes delectable.

When the kernels are roasted, they secrete more oil during the extraction process, making the process profitable. This drops the price of culinary argan oil.

  • Cosmetic argan oil. The Berbers do not roast the seeds in order to protect the natural elements of argan oil when preparing cosmetic argan oil. This makes it expensive. Even though this oil will have a nutty aroma, it will be subtle.

Some manufacturers deodorize the cosmetic argan oil to make it odor-free. However, this practice damages the curative properties of genuine argan oil.

12. Supreme Superfood: The Therapeutic Benefits of Culinary Argan Oil

The world is aware of the healing benefits of topical argan oil, but only a handful knows how healthy culinary argan oil is. Let’s learn the benefits of culinary argan oil:

  • Culinary Argan OilOleic acid in argan oil is good for people with high cholesterol levels.
  • Fatty acids of argan oil produce prostaglandins, which help in immunization and anti-inflammatory functions.
  • Argan oil contains sterols, which helps block the cholesterol absorption from intestines.
  • It helps improve digestion.
  • Argan oil is beneficial for arthritis and rheumatic disease.

13. Argan Oil: An Effective Sex Life Helper

You should not feel embarrassed to try out new ways to build a relationship that has lost its charm. If you think the sex is drying out in your relationship, give a try to argan oil. Incredibly, it is a potent, exotic and sensual ingredient. Yes, that’s right, argan oil is aphrodisiac in nature.

Initially, people used to believe that the seductive properties of argan oil were limited to the contribution of its unique taste and rarity; however, experts say that the high nutritional content of argan oil makes it a seductive sex food.

Argan oil contains vitamin E, which is also popular as a sex vitamin and can add spice to your sex life. Vitamin E reduces impotency in men. This oil works to maintain the proper functioning of the sex organs.

Here’s how you can use argan oil for boosting your sex desires:

  • Use culinary argan oil in many of your recipes.
  • Keep a bottle of argan oil handy after you have finished your dinner. You may want to drizzle it on your lover’s back to give them a sensuous massage.

If you are new to argan oil and wondering what you can prepare, check out this sweet recipe below.

14. Amlou: A Sweet Delight to Meet Your Health Needs

Amlou is a nutritional powerhouse that you can serve to your family. It also works to increase sexual desire in an individual.

Check out this recipe:


  • almondsTwo cups whole unpeeled almonds
  • Two-third cup culinary argan oil
  • Two-third cup dark honey
  • Half a teaspoon salt


  • Toast the unpeeled almonds. It will take about 15 minutes in a preheated 325°F oven. You can also toast them on a pan on top of your kitchen stove.
  • Add all the ingredients to your food processor and blend them until smooth.
  • If the mixture looks too thick to spread, add a little more argan oil.
  • You will have about two cups of amlou. Transfer it to a glass jar and store in your fridge.

15. Where to Buy Authentic Argan Oil

You can purchase argan oil from your supermarket, local health store or online.  Always buy the authentic product that is minimally processed. Remember that the quality of the oil considerably increases its potency.

Undoubtedly, the incredibly effective healthy qualities of argan oil have made it one of the most sought-after superfoods in the world. This gift from nature is full of wholesome ingredients that not only keep you beautiful, but healthy too. Use argan oil and see the difference. We are sure you will be amazed.


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