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19 Quick and Easy Tips on How to Strengthen Your Nails for Good


A protein called keratin makes up your nails, hair and skin. The underlying cells create this protein, which is pushed on to the surface to form the hard coating. Nails are hard, but a lot of things can go wrong with your nails. For example, they can become brittle, discolored or flaky. Brittle nails can be a result of dryness and can easily crack, split or break.

Unhealthy nails can also lead to painful cuticles; thus, it is vital that you start to look for ways how to strengthen your nails. There can be several reasons, like environmental factors, age or lifestyle that can lead to weak nails. But, with a little care, you can make them healthy and protect them.

In this article, you will learn some simple quick tips, which will help you keep your nails beautifully shaped and shining.

1. Trim Your Nails Right

Trim Your NailsIt is important to note that long nails are not at all trendy. Besides, they break away quickly and damage the look of your nail. When your hair grows long, their ends become jagged and you have to trim it to down to get a neat and even look. The same applies to nails, and you need to trim them regularly to keep their tips stronger.

Here are a few tips:

  • Use The Right Nail Clipper or Nail Scissors. Do not use normal scissors. Never pinch out the nails.
  • Do Not Use a Blunt Nail Clipper. A straight edge will create uneven edges on the nail and the pressure applied can even harm the nail health.
  • Do Not Cut Nails Too Close. Leave a little white edge while cutting nails.
  • Cut Them Into The Right Shape to Suit Your Nail Bed. There are basically five shapes, namely: square, round, oval, squoval or pointed.

2. Moisturize Your Nails to Keep Them Healthy and Beautiful

The nail is made up of layers of keratin, which have small spaces in between them. Air or water can get in between these spaces and cause them to swell. This separates the layers of proteins and leads to breakage.

The application of a layer of moisturizer to your nails can prevent the entry of air and water into the layers of the nail plate. In the past, people gave little significance to the health of nails. Nowadays, there is a multitude of nail care products readily available in stores to keep them strong and beautiful.

Read below for effective nail care tips:

  • Moisturize: Normal nail moisturizers are full of Vitamin E, avocado oil and Shea butter along other ingredients improve the health of the nails. You need to massage them into the nails and cuticles.
  • Polish: There are easy-to-apply polishes available on the market, which you can simply brush onto the nails. They moisturize the nails and add some necessary vitamins and minerals as well.
  • Candles: You can find moisturizing manicure candles to take care of your nails. You are required to dip the nails into the melted candle, and massage them.
  • Argan Oil: Skinception cold pressed cosmetic argan oil is a healing moisturizer which is free of any artificial or chemical elements. Women of Morocco have been using argan oil for nail care for over 3,500 years. You can use a bottle of argan oil for healthy skin, hair and nails. It is rich in nutrients, protects against sun damage and also provides hydration.

3. Effective Beauty Tricks for Damaged and Dry Nails

wear glovesYour hands remain invariably exposed all through the day taking up a daylong of activities from typing at the keyboard to writing. Some people wear gloves in winter season to protect their hands from the cold weather, and to prevent them from drying. You can use cotton gloves even during the summer to pamper your hands after a long day.

Below are a few tips on how to strengthen your nails:

  • Wear Gloves After a Nail and Hand Care Routine. Apply a hand cream or lotion and moisturize the nails. Pull up the gloves to lock in the moisture. This will allow the elements contained in the moisturizer to soak into the skin and cuticle around the nails.
  • Use Reusable Moisturizing Gloves. You can find reusable moisturizing gloves that do the job much better than normal gloves. There are also disposable ones for extremely dry hands.

4. Getting to Know about Nail Hardener: Strengthen Your Peeling and Weak Nails

As the name implies, the product constitutes of components that act upon the protein in nails to trigger chemical reactions, which lead to increased bonding between the proteins, thus making the nails hard.

Nail hardeners are a type of polish treatment containing ethyl acetate as the base component. There are specific products for brittle nails and weak ones too. Nail hardener for brittle nails contains nail conditioners, while those for weak nails contain calcium. It also contains a supply of proteins that bonds with the protein in nails to strengthen the bonding.

You can use it with a nail polish or independently. Experts recommend using the hardener polish every time before applying nail polish. Try to keep away from those that contain formalin.

5. Benefits of Using a Nail Polish: Painting Your Nails is a Smart and Beautiful Idea

Using a Nail PolishWomen love to decorate themselves, including their nail and hair. There are several things they do to their nails to suit the trend and attire. But, little do they realize that they are adding to the nail’s health by using a good quality nail polish because:

  • Nail polish works as a moisturizer to keep your nails healthy.
  • It can help to disguise any nail issues, like cracks, and keep it away from the eyes of others until your nail care regimen begins to show its impact.

Tip: You can use cuticle oil before or after applying nail polish to help prevent fungal and bacterial infection. It is available in gel or oil form and helps keep your nails, skin folds and cuticles soft and supple.

6. Top Natural Hair Care Tip: Limit the Exposure to Water

One of the most common reasons for splitting of the nails is over exposure to water. Take a second and think about how many hours in a day you have put your finger nails in water. There are several instances like washing dishes, bathing, swimming in the swimming pool or even from the sweaty shoes when your nails are exposed to water and moisture.

All this moisture gets in between the spaces in the nail layers and degrades the structure. The nail then begins to break apart, starting from the center and it begins to split even on the slightest pressure.

A little care can prevent such an incident from happening.

  • Do not take long soaking baths too often.
  • If bathing with soap and hot water, use a moisturizer soon in order to prevent the complete drying up of the moisture.
  • Wear cotton lined rubber gloves when you do daily chores like washing dishes or cleaning up around the house.

7. Hydrate Yourself to Keep Your Overall Health in Order

waterYour body always needs plenty of water. As in the case of healthy skin, water is required to maintain healthy nails, too. This is particularly applicable in winter times to stay hydrated. Excessive loss of water from the nails will lead to them becoming weak and breaks off easily.

Here are a few tips to help you keep yourself hydrated:

  • Drink at least eight glasses of water per day to stay hydrated.
  • In addition, drink water to replenish the optimal amounts of calcium and water. Water keeps the nail plates healthy, which supply the needed nutrition to nails.
  • Fruits and vegetables can also supplement water content.
  • Keep away from coffee and carbonated drinks as it leaves you dehydrated.

8. Make Your Own Nail Soak to Keep Your Nails Strong

There are so many nail care products available on the market, but most of these contain chemical ingredients. That’s the reason why many people look for home remedies tips on how to strengthen your nails. By going for the natural nail soaks, you can make your nail beds regain their health.

Here are some nail soaks you can make at home.

  • Vitamin C from oranges can replenish collagen and folic acid required for nail health. Garlic is a good nail hardening agent. Use a solution of orange juice and garlic to help against weak nails.
  • Lemon is also a reserve of vitamin C and can help to remove yellow stains from nails. Squeeze half a lemon into a cup of water with a tablespoon of baking soda to use as nail soak.
  • Lemon with coconut oil and granulated sugar can act as a moisturizing soak cum scrub. The gritty sugar works to scrub out any calluses.
  • Jojoba oil is a therapeutic solution to dry and brittle nails. Lavender oil strengthens the nails. Add honey and coconut oil to these essential oils to get the best ever nail soak to relax the nails.

9. Avoid Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers: They Are Bad for Your Nails

Avoid AlcoholNowadays, people are rather health conscious and prefer to carry around hand sanitizer. But, little do they realize that the alcohol-based sanitizer is ruining all the money and time spent in getting a manicure. This is because the alcohol content in sanitizers will dry the polish and crack the cuticles.

Water is required for the nails to maintain the keratin fibers. Alcohol in the sanitizer leads to drying of nails. The same problem also occurs when you use fragrant hand lotions.

The alternative is to look for alcohol-free hand sanitizers. Also, you can use a glove when working with solvents that contain alcohol.

10. Your Nails Are Not an Instrument: Treat Them Gently

This is something many people do rather unconsciously. They usually use nails to peel away labels or scrape away at something else. People even resort to quickly opening a can of soda with their nails.

Take your time and use an instrument meant for the job, rather than pressurizing your nails. When there is a small loose screw, the sudden tendency is to use your nail as the screwdriver. This will lead to chipping of the nail layer and the nail will crack from that point.

11. Use a Biotin Supplement for Strong Nails

Brittle nails are a common problem these days and dermatologists recommend biotin supplement. Biotin is a minor vitamin, which in present in small quantities in foods such as eggs, legumes, mushrooms and broccoli.

Biotin plays a crucial role in maintaining the youth of the person. This is because it takes care of your overall health including nails, hair and skin. You might have seen biotin among ingredient list on moisturizers and shampoos; however, you get real benefits of biotin when you ingest it.

Note: If you are able to include the minimum recommended quantity of 30 milligrams of biotin from daily food, you can keep away from the supplements. Your body expels excess biotin, so there is no issue of over-dosage.

12. How to Strengthen Your Nails with Omega 3 Fatty Acids

fish oil supplementYou can obtain omega-3 fatty acids abundantly from fish oil supplements. It helps prevent inflammations, moisturize the nails and thus prevent the risk of brittle nails. In addition, omega-3s nourishes the cells of the nail bed, and provides a healthy bed for the nails to grow.

Fish oil supplement can therefore be the right answer to how to strengthen your nails fast. They also contains vitamin D, which can help to optimize your body functioning. Calcium deficiency is one of the prime internal reasons as to why the nails become weak.

13. Give Your Nails Some Breathing Time

Proper manicures and nail polishing have become the routine of nail care procedure. But, have you ever felt that you must give some time to your nails to breathe. Well, nails do not breathe and they get their supply of nutrition from the nail bed.

Yet, sometimes you should keep away from polishing the nails, so that your nail gets some time away from all that chemicals and acetone. This becomes a necessity when you face issues like peeling or excessive dryness.

Nowadays, acrylics have also become as common as nail polishes and it is essential to know how to strengthen your nails after acrylics. Incorrect usage or removal of acrylics can leave your nails ravaged. It is therefore necessary to take special care after removing them.

Here are a few tips on strengthening your nails:

  • Always use a remover to get rid of any residue. Do not scrape it.
  • Use a moisturizing soap and keep it moisturized with daily massage.
  • Use a vitamin E massage for the cuticles.
  • Oil them daily and do not paint them for a while.

14. Follow a Good Filing Technique to Avoid Damaging Your Nails

Use The Right ToolA wrong nail filing can go against all your efforts of nail strengthening. Filing gives the shape to the nail and prevents those annoying edges that pull at clothes and hair. Here are a few tips that you can follow:

  • Use The Right Tool. Some people feel that a harsh file will make the job easier. But a metal file with a coarse grain can chip off the nail layer. A fine grained one will work well. Just make sure that you replace it when necessary.
  • Never File a Wet Nail. It will split easily, since water gets into the layers.
  • Position The File Right. Do not use the file in perpendicular position.
  • Clip First. Use the file after clipping the nail into the right shape.
  • File Only In One Direction. Do not pull it in both the directions.
  • File Gently. Applying pressure will do harm to the nails.

15. Moisturize Naturally with Coconut Oil

Sometimes, you do not want to spend a fortune on nail creams or get concerned about its content. If you have been looking for how to strengthen your nails naturally, the answer ends with the coconut oil sitting in your kitchen cupboard.

  • Coconut oil has effective anti-fungal activity. This can be effective against any nail fungus that creeps in.
  • It works against hang nails by nourishing the cuticles. It is a highly moisturizing agent and can fix ragged cuticles unlike any other creams.

16. How to Strengthen Your Nails With Castor Oil

Manufacturers extract castor oil from the ricinus communis herb in its pure form. Even though castor oil contains toxins, makers remove these in the processing stage. The oil is rich in vitamins and minerals. It strengthens the nails by hardening the nail bed. Castor oil also does the job of a moisturizer and protects your nails from bacterial and fungal attack.

You can add castor oil to warm water and use a nail soak. You can massage it on the nails by using cotton balls. Some people might be allergic to castor oil. If any kind of irritation is experienced, stop its use immediately.

17. Eat Healthy for Strong Nails

milkYou might have been looking for effective tips on how to strengthen your nails at home. The answer lies in a good food plan that works positively on nail care. Nutrition is the prime factor required for a healthy nail. Here are a few eating tips that you can follow:

  • Milk: One of the best sources of calcium which will support nail growth. Other dairy products like cheese and yogurt also add in to the nutrition.
  • Vegetables: Broccoli and green leafy vegetables, are rich in calcium and supports nail growth.
  • Folate Foods: Folate deficiency may be the reason for dull nails. Have enough lentils and spinach for this Vitamin B.
  • Flaxseed Oil: Rich in essential fatty acids.
  • Keratin: A protein and your body will need proteins from meat, poultry and fish, in order to manufacture it.
  • Vitamin C Foods: You can obtain iron for shiny nails from spinach, eggs and vitamin C rich foods.

18. Stop Biting Your Nails: Why It’s More Than Just a Bad Habit

Many people bite their nails during a crucial situation, or simply to pass time at a boring lecture. Nail biting is common among children, and sometimes also among teenagers.

But in rare cases people even in their adulthood bite the nails and cuticles.

This is out of sheer habit and happens unknowingly. It is more like an anxiety breaker. Psychological conditions can also be the underlying reason for nail biting.

Regular nail biting will leave your cuticles bleeding, making way for infection. It also affects the teeth. Keeping the nails trimmed can help to prevent the biting tendency unlike when the nail is overgrown. The ultimate preventive steps are to coat the nails with a bitter polish or cover them with a plaster tape.

19. Protect Your Nails From the Sun

sunscreenYou already know that your skin needs protection from the sun’s rays, but did you know your nails need sun-protection too? Skin cancer can develop under your nails, due to excessive sun exposure. You will be astounded to know that every time you go out in the sun, the UVA rays may harm your nails and change their color to yellow. This color change is just like skin tanning.

Slathering sunscreen on your hands is not enough. You need to use opaque polish as it acts as your sunscreen. You can get nail polish with UV absorbers, or even invest in a sun safe top coat too.

Women usually resort to fake nails when they have brittle nails, but this actually worsens the situation by paving way for nail fungus. It is indeed an embarrassment to walk around with marred, weak nails. The above tips will help you with how to strengthen your nails. A proper nail routine and a little bit of care is all that is required to have shiny, beautiful fingernails.


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