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Beauty is Skin Deep: Can People Be Allergic to Argan Oil?


People try out many things in order to retain or restore their beauty. For that reason, tons of manufacturing brands in the market are sprouting like mushrooms in order to satisfy the demands for these products.


Some companies use artificial ingredients, while others are more hypoallergenic and eco-friendly by using natural ingredients. The advantage of using natural products is safety in use and absence of side effects. One of the most popular products in the market these days is the Argan oil.


What makes argan oil an increasingly popular beauty care product? Is it because of its effectiveness in bringing out the best in everyone who uses it? Most importantly, can people be allergic to argan oil? The said questions are among the issues that people, who have not tried using this product, have in mind.

What is the Origin of Using Argan Oil?

Argan oil came from the kernels of the argan tree. People from Morocco use these oils for various purposes for many years. They use the oils as a culinary ingredient and for cosmetics; this involves using it as a dip for bread and salads. According to certain studies, inclusion of argan oil in your diet is beneficial. The reason for this is that it has the ability to reduce the risk for cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and prevents obesity.

argan oil for hairsArgan oil is also a great cosmetic agent; it comes as a moisturizer for the skin, a treatment for acne breakouts and provides nourishment of the hair. Several studies prove the efficiency of Argan oil as a beauty care agent. In addition, people from all parts of the world are using this product because of its great benefits.


They report an increasingly beautiful glow in their hair and skin. On the other hand, there is a certain issue about this product that puzzles many people, that is the allergic reaction to argan oil.

The Issue: Can People be Allergic to Argan Oil?

Could using argan oil cause an allergic reaction? First, people should understand what an allergic reaction means. This occurs when part of the body comes in contact with a foreign substance, causing the body to hyper react. The immune system responds to counter this foreign body from invading the body. Some of the allergic symptoms are shortness of breath, rashes and itchiness.


These are the most common signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction. If this happens to you, you should stop using the product. At first, these reactions are mild and not disturbing. However, if you still opt to continue these allergy-causing products, it could result into more life-threatening episodes of heightened allergy symptoms. Sad to say, a few people have reported experiencing an allergic reaction to the product.

argan oil

People that show allergic reaction to argan oil are those who are also allergic to nut oils. The reason for this is that this oil comes from the nut of the argan tree extracted to create the oil. Still, not all people who have an allergy to nuts will get the same reaction with this tree nut oil.


What triggers the allergic response is the presence of proteins in these nuts. That is why it is beneficial to check the labels first before you decide to buy a certain argan oil product.


Many manufacturers claimed to remove these proteins in their product. However, removing such proteins involves the use of chemicals and heat. This factor is very important, especially to those individuals who prefer having an all-natural product. That is why if they are still into using this oil, it is advisable that they undergo a skin patch test first. This will determine whether they react allergic to the oil.


dermatologistsMost dermatologists do not believe argan oil is the main reason why allergic reactions occur. They believe that the ingredients used in preserving such oils are the real culprits.


That is why they encourage people to buy argan oil in its purest form in order to avoid unnecessary allergic reactions. Doing this will lessen the occurrence of experiencing allergic reactions.


Can people be allergic to argan oil? Dermatologists and other skin experts have varying opinions about this. However, it would be best for a person to contact his doctor before deciding to buy and use the product.


This is because your own dermatologist knows the integrity and composition of your skin the most; they are the ones who know if it is all right for you to use such products or not. Argan oil proves itself as one of the premiere beauty restoring and preserving agent in the market today; it all comes down to how meticulous people are in finding products that are in its purest form.


Keep in mind that finding these products takes time and effort. See to it the retailer offering such product is reputable. In addition, take time asking the opinions of your friends and relatives. They are the key persons in providing unbiased opinions.


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