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Argan Oil And Its Beauty Uses


One beauty product that has been receiving lots of praises is Argan oil. This is an oil that comes from the nuts of the Moroccan Argan tree, and it is yellow in color with a nutty and spicy scent.


Because this tree is so rare, the oil is considered to be one of the rarest oils available. Argan oil is a rich source of antioxidants and omega 6 fatty acids.


As will all oils, it’s important to purchase Argan oil in organic form. There should be no additives or preservatives included in the oil. Argan oil, just like olive oil, is perishable. It will not remain fresh on your shelve forever. Eventually, it will go rancid. For this reason, when purchasing Argan oil, keep in mind that it has a shelve life of two years.


However, you are expected to store the oil properly. It should remain in a cool place and out of direct sunlight. After the oil is opened, it is recommended to store it in the refrigerator.The main reason this rare oil is receiving so much hype is due to its beauty uses. What are some of the ways the oil is used for beauty purposes?


1. Stretch Marks

Stretch marksStretch marks occur when the skin is stretched, producing scars. The scars are permanent unless they are removed through a cosmetic surgery procedure or some other process.


However, Argan oil can be used to prevent stretch marks from happening. For example, pregnant women who are prone to getting stretch marks on their stomachs can rub the oil on their stomachs to prevent stretch marks from occurring.


2. Dry Skin

Dry SkinInstead of rubbing lotion on your skin, Argan oil is an excellent substitute. It doesn’t clog the pores, it’s not greasy, and because of its healing properties, it keeps the skin looking healthy and youthful.


You can also add Argan oil to a natural substance, such as coffee grounds, to make a homemade exfoliant. Mix a half a cup of coffee grounds to one tablespoon of the oil. While in the shower, massage the mixture over your body and then rinse it off. The grounds can go down the drain and should not clog it.

3. Moisturizer

Argan oil is an excellent substitute for body lotion, but it is also great as a moisturizer for the face, particularly for its anti-aging properties. Because it absorbs quickly and is not greasy, it can be placed on the face under makeup. Therefore, it can be used as a morning moisturizer or an evening moisturizer.

4. Cracked Feet

Cracked feetCracked feet, particularly on the heels of the feet, is a common problem, especially during cold weather months. Argan oil applied to the feet is a great way to soften them


Before bed, rub the oil on your feet, concentrating on the areas that are highly dry and cracked, such as the hell.


Cover your feet with clean, dry socks. When you wake up in the morning and remove your socks, the condition of your feet will be significantly improved.

5. Hands And Nails

The oil is an effective moisturizing agent for hands and nails. Use the oil as a replacement for hand cream. In addition, rub the oil into your nails, especially rough cuticles, to keep them soft

6. Bath Oil

There’s no need to buy commercial bath oils when you have Argan oil. Put a few drops of the oil into your bath for a pleasurable experience that will soften your skin.

7. Conditioner

Argan Oil ConditionerThis rare oil is good for the skin, but it’s also great for the hair. Use Argan oil as a leave-in conditioner.


After you wash your hair and rinse out the shampoo, add one or two teaspoons to your hair and leave it in. It will leave your hair hydrated and moisturized, and it will seep into your hair and scalp and will not leave you with greasy hair.


If you’d like to deep condition your hair, work approximately a half a cup of the oil into your hair from the scalp to the ends of your hair. Place a plastic cap over your hair and let the oil sit for an hour. Then rinse your hair and style as usual.


The miracle of Argan oil is coming to the forefront of the health and beauty world. More and more people realize that natural products, such as Argan oil, are much more healthy and effective than commercial products that contain fragrances, chemicals, and other added ingredients.


Although Argan oil can be expensive, a woman will find so many uses for the oil that it will replace the products that she is currently using. In other words, Argan oil will be her go-to source for healthy and vibrant hair and skin. Buy quality Argan oil in stores or at reputable Internet sites.


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